Hung Ga is considered as one of the fiercest fighting systems of Southern China which utilizes the techniques of the five animals (Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Leopard and Crane) and five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Wood) to create a powerful system of martial arts.  It combines hard and soft power to achieve an effective and complete model  for self defense and health. Hung Ga kung fu develops a conditioned body, internal energy (Qi) and provides overall health benefits. Learn More about Hung Ga Kung Fu

What is Hung Ga Kung Fu

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New Brunswick branch of Yee's Hung Ga Kung Fu is dedicated in propagating the traditional Shaolin Five Animal Hung Ga Kung Fu taught by Chief Instructor Mir Sultan. At New Brunswick branch of Yee's Hung Ga Kung Fu students learn effective, "real life" combat system based on the fierce fighting techniques of Hung Ga Kung Fu. Students will learn essential self-defense techniques, body conditioning, Chi Gung, empty-hand forms and traditional Chinese  weaponry (along with practical applications) and traditional Lion Dance all while engaged in a great workout routine to promote physical fitness and alert mind.

New Brunswick Hung Ga